38yo French self taught developer based in Paris. I love experimentation, new technologies and new challenges.


Release Note

Maximize your communication about your release notes.

meteor, html5, css3



dok.io is a collaborative notepad that helps you leverage on all these small pieces of knowledge. The easiest way to store, share & find your notes.

meteor, html5, css3



Ryzom is a Science-Fantasy MMORPG. 100% of the code and assets (textures, meshes, ...) are under free software.

2007-2009: Developer.

2000-2004: Team leader of the network & servers team.

video game, c++, windows, mac, gnu/linux, free software



AngelHack Paris

I organized the 2013 Paris edition of the AngelHack worldwide hackathon. With 100 participants, it was an awesome experience, lot of fun, lot of amazing projects and people.

event, hackathon


Clever Door

Made during a hackathon in 2013, the goal was to create a smart connected intercom. We bought a classic intercom and hack it during the weekend to be controlled by a smartphone. We won the first prize (5000EUR).

hardware, rasperry pi, mobile, hackathon



Generate dynamic email signatures based on your social services (foursquare, instagram, ...). This idea was developed during the Fousquare hackathon in Paris/FR in 2012. You just have to insert a small block of html.

The trick was that we dynamically create new images with latest user's information so in every email (even the old one), it always displays an up-to-date version of the signature.

php, hackathon


L'addition est pour moi

Invite experienced entrepreneurs at the restaurant. You have a specific problem, an entrepreneurs have already resolved this problem. Invite him to the restaurant and pay the bill in exchange of his help.



Mtp Target

2005-2007 I create this online game. It's a very addictive game where you play with other people. The goal is to land on a target but other player can push you so you have to be smart to avoid them.

video game, c++, windows, gnu/linux, mac, opengl, directx


G15Web - Extract information from any webpage and display them on the small LCD on the G15 Logitech Keyboard.

LightRoomRecover - Small program that recovers thumbnails from lightroom. Very useful when you erase by mistake your pictures.

ChromeMRU - It's not possible on Chrome to remap CTRL-TAB shortcut and CTRL-TAB change tab from left to right. When I type CTRL-TAB, I prefer a lot it moves to the Most Recent Used tab (like on windows, firefox and lot of other app). This tweak made this possible.


Web 2.0 Resume

Web 2.0 was the buzzword and I wanted to make fun with it so I created my Web 2.0 Resume

web2.0 (of course), html, css


BeeLineGPS 2 Google Earth

At the time, I was a fan of Geocaching so I created this online app that convert BeeLineGPS tracks into kml format so you can see them on Google Earth.



Webdo - Family gift managing website. People add gifts they'd love to have so other people know what they can buy.

Alert - Just add urls and the website send you an email when the page change. Cannot be easier and very useful.

MtpShare - Share files/directories across computer (like DropBox) but files/directories can stay where you want on your directory.

WpkgSync - Easy and quickly install dev lib on Windows. It's like a GUI version of apt-get but for Windows.

JTF - Javascript unit Testing Farm runs your tests on all browsers (in P2P mode) so you know what is working and what not.

CaraProxy - Program you run in background that trap all messages from/to Caramail (chat). It extends Caramail with cool features like auto answers, logs, macros, colors and more.



I joined Vibes as a trainee just after university. It was my first job on a MMORPG.

I added features to the 3D sprite particle system, the fight engine and chat system.

Did some research on how to send real time game network streams across web proxies.

Created the real time bug reporting process.

video game, c, c++, directx, windows


Mtp Turret Party

Online game made for the LTP4 coding party game contest. It's a 3D Worm like online game where you have to find the right angle and power to shoot opponents. It had a realtime terraformed landscape (that is modified with the bomb).

video game, c++, directx, windows

Mtp Turret Party

Momentum 3

Demo coded with my friends. First place at The Meeting 99 coding party.

C++, x86, dos, gdck, mlib

Momentum 3


My first step in the computer games industry. I worked on memory analysing and optimisation and also installed some hardware servers and mail proxy.

video game, c++, windows

Outcast on Wikipedia


Gtk Demo Construction Kit - A framework to help coders and graphists working together easier and synchronize their jobs. The goal is to provide a graphical interface to create a demo. gdck was coded in C++ and works with Gtk library. It works on Windows and Unix OS if gtk is install. You don't need any other libraries.

Momentum2 - Demo that won The Meeting 97 coding party. Made in C and x86 assembler and work on DOS.

Momentum - Demo that finish 2nd during The Bug 96 coding party. Made in C and x86 assembler and work on DOS.

MLib - A portable and easy to use demo library in C for DOS/Windows/linux/unix that handle video, keyboard, files, sound, memory...



Regulate - Demo that finish 2nd during The Wired 94 coding party. Made in 68000 assembler for Amiga.

DaKoolPlan - Demo made in 68000 assembler for Amiga.

Schtroumpf - Demo made in GFA Basic on Atari ST with bottom overscan, scroll text, sprites...

68k asm, atari, amiga


HP48 Hack - Made a Mario like plateform game on HP48. Found some register hack to create copper bars on the HP48 calculator.

My First Program

I wrote my first programs when I was 6 on this french made computer called Goupil G1. My grandfather bought it to program a tool to help him in his work. Specs were pretty cool for 1980: MC 6809 @ 1MHz, 16Kb RAM, 64x16 characters screen, external tap deck, optional 8" disc reader, internal modem.

If you have an exciting project feel free to drop me a line.

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